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Specialize in producing: aluminum sheet, aluminum checkered plate , alloy aluminum sheet, curtain wall aluminum sheet, aluminum circle, aluminum coil, aluminum strip, aluminum foil, 6061, 6082, 7075 , 2A12 T6, T6 mill bright aluminum plates & T651 aluminum plates and other aluminum products. Large stocks in factory, please scan QR Code to follow stocks information.Contact a Specialist

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The company is committed to developing the international market and establishing a good brand image of Kaile Kaihua in the world. Bringing together the spot of aluminum plate, the category is complete. It can accurately pack according to customer needs, the platform has launched some special product inventory for a long time, greatly benefited, saved costs for customers, and achieved win-win cooperation. The company relies on Xuzhou’s geographical advantages and convenient logistics system. Lightning delivery, to ensure the first delivery of products. Provide fast and stable guarantee for customers to win the market.

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